Thanks for answering my Islamophobia question! It was actually really helpful. I didn't mean to come off with a creepy white savior complex with that last bit, for sure, I'm sorry it came off that way but I can see how it did. I meant it more like "how do I help young women in religious, pro-life misogynist homes get access to birth control?" sort of thing. But I get your point: fighting misogyny in all aspects worldwide will reduce it in religious situations. Thank you again!


Of course, thanks for explaining what you meant too!

Getting birth control to those people though could prove extremely difficult… if they are personal friends of yours buying it for them and sneaking it to them is an option that is available, likewise places like Planned Parenthood can get it to them more discretely. Offer to be their alibi!


Not going to answer any of the other vaccine questions in ask box since it’s mostly repetitions and I think they can probably glean the answer to their questions off one I already answered.


Lemon! I'm a nursing student and your immune system arguments are so accurate and so on point I thought you needed some applause and love! Woooohoooo!


Oh gosh, thank you, I really needed this just now too!


What's the difference between being Islamophobic and being critical of aspects of Islam? Like, I think there are misogynist aspects of Islam (and Christianity, and Judaism for that matter) but I believe everyone can follow whatever religion they want. I don't hate Muslims (or Christians, or Jews) and I don't want to be Islamophobic. How can I help people affected negatively by bad aspects of religion without being bigoted and hateful and xenophobic?


It’s pretty easy actually! You just have to listen to what they tell you about their religion and not speak over them or for them.

Basically, if it’s not the religion you are practising yourself, maybe don’t say anything. You could be misinterpreting things, and it’s fine to ask people who are practising that religion about the part you’re confused with (if they have said it’s okay to ask anyways, not everyone wants to educate you and it’s not their job to either).

It’s not okay to go in with a white-saviour complex and say ‘I want to free you from your own religion’ either which is how you came off in your last sentence.

We choose to believe what we believe in and no one appreciates someone else acting like they know more about a religion they don’t practice than the people practising it. (I mean I’ve had this happen more times than I can count, trust me, it is extremely frustrating and offensive when people act like they know more about my beliefs than I do).

The most effective way is to combat misogyny rather than focusing on religion-specific misogyny. Sort out misogyny and the religious misogyny will vanish too.


Lol you still think that the only reasons people choose not to vaccinate is because of the scare of autism. There are other reasons. People may just not want to inject a whole bunch of shit into their systems. You can get sick/pass on the thing you get vaccinated against. What are you really shaming? The natural human immune system? Being human? The right to choose what get put into your body? MY BODY MY CHOICE remember?


Yeah, those reasons are knowing literally nothing about how your own immune system works or how vaccines work or even probably what’s in them or how they are mixed. Like your whole ask proves you have no concept of how immunity even works so congrats.


I dunno if you got my other ask but I can't get most vaccines. I also have autism. Last time I had the flu, I was bedridden with a 102-3 fever for five weeks. Suffering sleep paralysis a lot, too. It was hell. Autism is in-born. It's not communicable. Neither you have it at birth or you don't have it. Anti-vaxxers are saying they think I'd be better off dead from a disease, than living my life the way I always have: with autism. You'd rather your kids or others die? Typical. Thank you.



Same here. I can and do get vaccines, but vaccines aren’t what caused me to be autistic.



You know your priorities are skewed when you care about the lives of wild animals more than the lives of unborn humans.

You know your priorities are skewed when you care more about a non-sentient, unfeeling, unaware entity than a sentient, feeling and aware one.



"I don’t care that what I said was totally untrue and has no evidence and goes against all currently researched and accepted medical and scientific fact and reason. It’s my opinion!!" - Anti-Choice Proverb.

Here’s a tip, folks. If what you are saying isn’t a true fact but you’re touting it as such, then that isn’t an opinion. You are stating a non-fact. A fallacy. A mistake. An incorrect statement that does not fit the definition of what an opinion is. Saying fetuses feel pain before they actually do, or that abortion causes infertility, aren’t opinions. Those are incorrect statements. That’s all.

And if you are saying things that aren’t true, which you KNOW are untrue, then you aren’t just wrong; You’re also a liar.

Your immune system is great! But it simply cannot defend you against something it has never seen before. Antibodies can take weeks to be developed by the body for a new virus once it enters the system. In this time though said virus can:

Permanently disable you
Kill you
Cause you immense suffering
Pass on to other people
Mutate, rendering treatment and vaccines already in existence useless.

Vaccines introduce a form of the virus into your system that will not make you sick. It let’s your body look at what it needs to fight so it can fight it.

You can drink carrot juice and take vitamin C tablets and Cold FX until the cows come home. It still won’t protect you from polio or smallpox. It will not boost antibody production for diseases your body doesn’t know it needs to protect you from. The only thing that can do this job is vaccines. There are no alternatives that help this part of your system.

This is Magic-School Bus level stuff guys come on.


Hey, I'm completely pro-choice so believe me I really mean well when I send this, but you guys kinda suck at arguing. The anti-choicers are even worse, but I don't care about them for obvious reasons. The main issue is that you get so caught up in their insults and retorting that the argument becomes kind of lost. Also, at least in the arguments that I've seen you provide facts, but never back them up with sources. I suggest taking a look at this website: www(.)vandruff(.)com/art_converse(.)html


Hi, I’m not sure which mod you’re referring to but I usually back everything up with sources and frankly the other mods are free to debate as they see fit too.

Frankly I don’t think you really understand either, our side of it. More often than not we’re forced to repeat the same thing to the same people ten or eleven times. If I’ve argued with this person and given them sources four times before and they continue to use the same argument then I’m not going to be bothered with providing them with sources I know they won’t look at anyways the next eight times.